Campaign For Change

The stories people who use our service tell us provide a unique insight into the problems faced by people in the community.

This evidence is hard to ignore. We speak up about the policies and services that cause people problems. We do this in conjunction with Citizens Advice nationally.

All Citizens Advice Bureau are committed to social policy work: using the experience of local people`s advice needs in order to influence change to law and practice. Chesterfield CAB regularly produces influential social policy reports. We also send Bureau Evidence Forms detailing problems faced by our clients to the national Citizens Advice social policy team. Advisers play a key role in identifying issues. These issues and evidence can then be taken up at government or other senior policy level by Citizen Advice social policy or parliamentary team.

Does this work make any difference?

Following a highly successful campaign by Citizens Advice, the Financial Conduct Authority has taken a welcome in- depth look at payday lenders. It introduced new rules for lenders including carrying out proper affordability checks, only roll over a loan a maximum of two times, only attempt to seek payment using continuous payment authority two times, signpost consumers to independent free debt advice before a loan can be rolled over and cap on cost of credit.

Our Reports

One Year On

Universal Credit Full Service: One Year on. Reflecting on Chesterfield people's experiences of claiming a key safety net benefit

High Stakes

High Cost Credit Problems in Chesterfield

Taking the Credit

Early Impressions of the Local DWP Implementation of Universal Credit from Advice Workers at Citizens Advice.

Pathway to Health and Wellbeing

All our projects and advice activities are centred around improving the health and wellbeing of local people: General Advice, Debt work, Welfare benefits, Mental health advocacy, Fuel poverty, GP and Children's Centres work, Long term life limiting illness project, financial exclusion. Here's why……..

Gathering Storm

A briefing paper on the effects of the Government's "Under Occupation Charge" (housing benefits reduction) by Chesterfield Citizens Advice Bureau.

Pillow Talk

A social policy briefing by Chesterfield Citizens Advice Bureau on the effects of Her Majesty’s Revenues and Customs compliance activity for Tax Credits Claims.

The Problems arising from routine checking of whether people are incorrectly representing as single people when part of a couple.

Payday Loan Purgatory

Payday loans are being sold inappropriately often with little regard to whether they are affordable. This is exacerbates serious multiple debt problems.

Call For Action

The following policy issues were highlighted by the caseworkers working in G.P. Surgeries and Children Centres across Derbyshire at a recent conference.

Can Energy Suppliers Really Help to Deliver Affordable Warmth?

Energy Suppliers have a role to play in delivering affordable warmth. This extends beyond price; suppliers currently have social obligations in administering energy efficiency schemes, accurate billing, hardship schemes/trust funds and protecting vulnerable consumers. Can this dual role really work?

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